The problem with not sleeping…

The problem with not sleeping is, well, it’s crap!

You’re grumpy, you can’t concentrate and you tend to take absolutely anything anyone says the wrong way. Now if you chuck a baby into that equation it has the uncanny ability to turn two usually happy, loving, laid back people into complete and utter monsters.

Let’s set the scene, it’s stupid o’clock in the morning – I’m not exactly sure what time because my tired eyes can’t focus on the clock. I’m struggling with the night feed so Lawrie decides to lend a helping hand and offer to take over, maybe it’s her tone, maybe it’s her choice of words, maybe, just maybe it’s just the fact I haven’t slept for days, but somehow her genuine offer of help is misconstrued as a demand for me to hand Fawn over as she feels her parenting skills are far superior. As you can imagine, before we even knew it we were engaged in the quietest slanging match of our lives as we whispered expletives across the room.

You see the problem is, I like my sleep, a little more than most I’ll admit. Now I’m not talking about sleeping in till the afternoon, those days are far behind me but I do struggle to function without a solid nights sleep, I’ve also never been a very good morning person which is a strange kind of bonus because when you don’t sleep the term “morning” tends to lose all meaning.

Safe to say the first 8 weeks were hell for me, however a funny thing happened this week, Lawrie fed Fawn and put her to bed as usual and she fell fast asleep by 8pm. At 6am I was woken by my morning alarm shouting at me to get up for work and I realised I didn’t remember getting up the night before, I apologised to Lawrie as I didn’t even hear her get up, she looked at me slightly perplexed and still half asleep herself when a look of dread hit her like a ton of nappies. she ran across to the other side of the room where Fawn was sleeping soundly and we both let out a sigh of relief. We then thought, are we the worst parents ever? Did Fawn wake up crying last night as we just slept through it until she eventually cried herself to sleep? Well anyone who has had a baby will tell you that is impossible, sleep through a screaming baby? No way!

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!”

  • – Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four

So after eliminating the impossible we were left with the fact that, however improbable it was, Fawn slept thought the night!

This is amazing, an eight week old sleeping through the night, it must be a fluke, a one off, it won’t happen again but it did, and again and again. There have been a few mornings where she has woken up around 4:30am, she has grumbled a bit but then gone straight back to sleep but overall this seems to be sustained.

I am sleeping more now but Its too early to really start feeling the benefit, I think I know how the government feels trying to claw back the deficit, however my deficit is not monetary its sleep and I have a feeling they have a better chance at recouping theirs before I do!

We decided a few weeks in to put Fawn on a routine, something which for some is quite old fashioned and is not really the “done” thing these days (I might wright a post on it at some point because I think the different views are interesting – I did and it’s here) but at the end of the day it is working for us. Has this routine helped Fawn get to a point where she can sleep through this quick or is it just luck? I guess we will never really know. As long as she is happy, all is well for now….




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