To routine, or not to routine, that is the question.

This subject can be quite divisive so I’d like to begin by stating that I do not and will not assume to tell you what you should do with your children. This is not a post for me to tell you what I believe is “correct” or not. In turn I would like to think that once you find out which choice we made, you won’t pile on the judgement.

One of the reasons I want to talk about this, is because it can be so controversial. However one thing I quickly came to realise, is that once you cut through all the bullshit, there is no right or wrong answer.

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A DADulting guide to living with animals

If you have read my about page, you will know that we are a family of animal lovers and as such have a few additional members of the family, something that pre-baby was no real issue besides tidying up the house after them and cleaning up poop, which, when you think about it was all just training for post baby lives!

As If having a baby wasn’t hard enough, living with a house full of animals means there are a few additional considerations you have to think about.

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What a difference a day makes…

There are lots of days throughout life that could be highlighted as extra special or could be said to have changed your life in some way. The day you meet your soulmate, a wedding day or simply a Saturday after being hit with the realisation of not having to get up for work.

The day I’m talking about though, is the 11th May 2017. Although I have enjoyed my own personal versions of the examples above, this day was different.

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