Hi There,

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, If you have found your way here it must mean you’d like to know a little bit more about me – either that or you clicked the wrong link , hopefully it’s not the latter.

Well, what can I say? My name is Tom and I am 30 years old. I’m a big kid at heart, a bit of a geek and a total Star Wars fanboy! (I’m sure this will crop up from time to time)

I’m married to my amazing wife Lawrie, we met when we were teenagers and have been together ever since, sort of high school sweethearts but without the high school bit (we met at a gig)

The name of the blog might have given it away but I am also first time dad to my beautiful daughter Fawn. I absolutely adore her and this blog is mainly about our new life with her.

We are a family of animal lovers and our household represents that. In addition to Lawrie, Fawn and I we have three more members of the family. Griffin our amazing dog, he is a German Shepherd and although very excitable he is the softest most gentle soul you will ever meet!

Next we have the cats – yes, cats and dogs can live perfectly happily together 🙂 Both our cats are rescue cats. We adopted them from the Society For Abandoned Animals in Manchester an absolutely amazing place doing great work! We originally went in looking for one boy and ended up leaving with two girls!

Mulan is our black cat, she was dumped along with her mum and brother in a wheely bin and was rescued when she was just a kitten, she is still quite timid but can be confident at times, she loves Griffin and often rubs up against him!

Ariel is our second cat, she is white and tabby. Ariel was dumped outside the SAA in a box as a kitten, she is THE most affectionate cat both Lawrie and I have ever known, she loves human contact and is constantly looking for attention.

Well, that rounds up our little family and gives you a little bit more of an insight on me. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy the blog!