A DADulting guide to living with animals

If you have read my about page, you will know that we are a family of animal lovers and as such have a few additional members of the family, something that pre-baby was no real issue besides tidying up the house after them and cleaning up poop, which, when you think about it was all just training for post baby lives!

As If having a baby wasn’t hard enough, living with a house full of animals means there are a few additional considerations you have to think about.


Rule number 1

Don’t let the Dog eat the baby!

Rule number 2

Don’t let the Dog squash the baby!

Thats about it when it comes to rules for the dog, and to be fair they are pretty important rules to follow.

When we first brought Fawn home we weren’t sure how Griffin would react, now I’m sure everyone will say it about their own dog but Griffin really is the softest dog I have ever met, he’s a proper mard! However, that being said introducing him to our fresh new member of the family was a little daunting.

At first he was very interested, desperately trying to sniff her as much as he could, he instantly knew that this was a new member of the pack, a member smaller and newer than him, someone he had to protect and from that moment on a bond was created, a bond that has grown day by day over the last 13 weeks!

He absolutely adores Fawn, when she cries he hurries over to either me or Lawrie, whoever he thinks will react first and noses at us until we tend to her.

One of the ways we have had to adapt for life with a baby and a dog is having dog gates on all the important doors in the house, one being the door to our bedroom, where Fawn currently sleeps. Usually Griffin rarely goes out of line of sight with us but recently he has started to disappear in the evenings, when we look for him he is always in the same spot, lay right up against the dog gate to our bedroom, literally pushed up against it trying to get as close to Fawn as he possibly can. I’m so happy that Fawn will get to grow up with Griffin and I know they will be the best of friends.



Rule number 1

Don’t let the cats suffocate the baby!

Rule number 2

See rule number 1!

Ok so when Griffin met Fawn he instantly fell in love and created a lifelong bond, so you can imagine how the cats reacted can’t you…..that’s right they didn’t, If it wasn’t for the crying I don’t think they would have even noticed another person in the house! For months leading up to Fawn’s birth they just thought they were being treated, first a nice new bed all for them, then lots of cuddly toys to snuggle up to, cheeky buggers!

We only really had a concern with one of our cats, Mulan keeps herself to herself for the most part but Ariel is the one we needed to watch out for, she loves human contact especially at night, she loves nothing more than to snuggle up to your face and fall asleep, which with a new born baby is quite frightening,

We bounced ideas back and forth for quite some time before we decided on an anti-cat suffocation device. The solution was quite simple in the end – a mosquito net!

It absolutely does the trick, the cats have gone nowhere near it, let alone tried to get inside! Also I think it sort of looks a bit like a canopy, fitting really considering my little princess sleeps inside!

All joking aside living with lots of pets is hard work, you have to always be on look out, keeping an eye on all of them at once, but the rewards are massive, I think it’s great for a child to grow up with pets, I believe it teaches them a lot and although she is only 13 weeks old she already has 3 of the best friends she will ever have!



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7 Replies to “A DADulting guide to living with animals”

  1. Great read, I love the bond between dog and baby it sounds adorable! Ours would be a little different, don’t like the mice chew up the baby clothes, don’t like the birds sit on the babies head.. don’t let the snail.. well the snail does nothing anyway lol..
    Really enjoyed reading this one mate. Keep them coming!!

    1. Hey Shaun, thanks for taking the time to read it! Griffin is so cute with her! haha yeah maybe a little different for rats, birds and snails! however! I have friends who have ferrets, their 2 year old loves them! šŸ™‚

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